Products --Printer and Copier OPC drum
  Drum Model

Used For Machine model

  AX opc drum Canon LBP-AX/FX3    HP Laser Jet 5L/6L/ 6L
  BX opc drum  Canon LBP-BX/BX/LBP A304E LBPA309/ A309G_/LP50/LBP830,    
  EX opc drum  HP LJ 4/4M/4+/5/5N/ 5M,      Canon LBP 8 IV/ 860/450;Canon LBP-1260/P-270
  JX opc drum Canon LBP-720/730/730PS/740/740e/750&50/
  VX opc drum HP Laser Jet 5P/5MP/6P/6MP;   Canon LBP-VX/FX4/430, LC-9000
  WX opc drum Canon LBP-WX/930/930EX/2460; HP LaserJet 5Si/5Si MX, HP8000/800n/8000dn
  HP 1010 opc drum HP LJ 1010/1012/1015
  HP 1200 opc drum HP LJ 1200/ 1000, 1300 /HP LJ 3300/3310 Canon LBP1210, 3200.
  HP 1320 opc drum HP LJ 1160/1320/P2015
  HP 2100 opc drum HP LJ 2100/2200 Canon P100/LBP-32X/470
  HP 2300 opc drum HP LJ 2300/2300L/2300d/2300n/2300dn/2300dtn
  HP 2400 opc drum HP LJ2410/2420/2430, M3035/M3027/P3005
  HP 2600 opc drum HP LJ1600/2600/2605, Canon LBP5000
  HP 3500 opc drum HP CLJ 3500/3550/3700
  HP 3600 opc drum HP CLJ 3000/3600/3800
  HP 4000 opc drum HP LJ 4000/4000n/4000t/4000tn/4050/4050
  HP 4100 opc drum HP LJ 4100(DTN/N/TN/MFP)
  HP 4200 opc drum HP LJ 4200/4250/4350/4300
  HP 4600 opc drum HP CLJ 4600/4600DN/4600DTH/4600HDN ,  LBP2510/5500, EP-85
  HP 4700 opc drum HP CLJ 4700/4730/CP4005
  HP 5000 opc drum HP LJ 5000/5000N/5000GN, Canon LBP-62X
  HP 5200 opc drum HP LJ-5200, CANON LBP-3500/3900/3950
  HP 5500 opc drum HP CLJ 5500/5500N/5500DN/5500DTH/5500HDN
Canon LBP 2710/2810/Canon EP-86
  HP 8100 opc drum HP LJ 8100/8100n/8100dn/8150, Canon LBP-950/EP-72, Image Class 4000
  HP 1005 opc drum HP 1005/1006, 1505
  Canon FX-9 opc drum Canon FX 100/120, MF4150/4120
  Samsung ML-1210 opc drum SAMSUNG1210/1220/1250/ 1430/1431/ 1010/1015 /1020 Lexmark-E210
  Samsung ML-1610 opc drum Samsung1610
  Samsung ML-1710 opc drum SAMSUNG 1710/1710P/1510/1740/1750/4100/4216
  Samsung ML-2250 opc drum Samsung2250/4720
  Samsung ML-2150 opc drum SAMSUNG ML-2150/2152/2550/2551/2552
  Samsung SF-5100 opc drum SAMSUNG5100/5100D3/5100P/530 /535e/ML-808/550D3/555P
  Brother DR250/DR8000 opc drum Brother MFC 4800/6800/9070/9030,PPE2800
  Brother DR350/DR2000 opc drum Brother HL2040/2070/2030,MFC 7220/7420/7820N,DCP 7020
  Brother DR3000/DR510 opc drum MFC 8220/8440/8640/8840/TN540/570/DR510/DCP 8040/8045
  Brother DR4000/DR600 opc drum HL-6050/DR 600/DR 40J/MW1500
  Brother DR6000/DR400 opc drum MFC 8300/8420/8500/8600/8700/8820/DR400/7000/TN430/460
  Canon NP-6012/6512 opc drum NP-6012/6512
  Canon NP-4050/4080  opc drum NP-4050/4080
  Canon iR1018 opc drum iR1018/1022if/1023if
  Canon IR 1210  opc drum iR1210/1230/1270F 1310/1330/1370F
  Canon IR 2200  opc drum iR2200/2800/3300 GP200/215/285/335/405
  Canon IR 2270  opc drum iR2270/2870/3570/4570
  Canon IRC 3200  opc drum iRC3200
  Canon NP1215 opc drum Canon NP-1015/1215/1215S/1218/1510/2010, C-150
  Canon NP 6030 opc drum Canon NP-6022/6025/6030/6031/6035
  Canon NP 7163 opc drum Canon NP-7160/7161/7163/7164
  Canon IR1600 opc drum Canon IR1600/2000
   Canon IR2016 opc drum CanonIR2020/2016/2020J/2016J/iR2018/2022/2025/2030
  Canon GP 215 opc drum CanonGP 200/215/300/330/335/400/405/415
  Ricoh FT 4015 opc drum FT-1305/4015/4615
  Ricoh 1015/2015 opc drum Aficio-1015/2015/2018/1018
  Ricoh AF 1013 opc drum Aficio-1013/1515
  Ricoh 200 opc drum Aficio-200/250
  Ricoh 5627 opc drum FT-5627/ 5732/ 5832/ 5640 /5740/ 5840/ 5827
  Ricoh FT 4418 opc drum FT-4418/4215/4422
  Ricoh FT 4027 opc drum FT-4027/5035/5840
  Ricoh FT 6645 opc drum FT-6645/6655/6665/7650/7660
  Ricoh AF 550 opc drum Aficio 550/650/850
  Ricoh AF 1065 opc drum Aficio 1065/1075/2060/2075
  Ricoh AF 1013 opc drum Aficio 1013/1515
  Ricoh AF 1015 opc drum Aficio 1015/1018/220 2015/2018/1022/1027 2022/2027/2032
  Ricoh AF 1035 opc drum Aficio 1035/1045/2035 2045/3035/4035
  Panasonic 78A opc drum Panasonic 503/523/553/490/590 flmb753/758
  Panasonic 84E opc drum Panasonic 513/512
  Panasonic 86E opc drum Panasonic 86E opc drum
  Panasonic 91E opc drum Panasonic 91E opc drum
  Panasonic 95E opc drum Panasonic 95E opc drum
  Panasonic UG 3313 opc drum Panasonic  uf8710/8880/8700/8895/1100
  Panasonic 1810 opc drum Panasonic 1510/1810
   Panasonic 1820 opc drum Panasonic 1820/1520
   Panasonic 1515 opc drum Panasonic 1515
  Panasonic 2310 opc drum Panasonic DP2310/2330/3010/3030
  Panasonic 7718 opc drum FP-7718/7818/7722/7824
  Panasonic DP2000 opc drum DP2000/2500/3000
  Panasonic DP3510 opc drum DP3510/3520/3530/4510 4520/4530/6010/6030
  Xerox DC 285 opc drum XEROX DC 285,DC235
  Xerox DC400 opc drum XEROX N-40/DC400/432/Epson LP9600
  Xerox WC 315 opc drum XEROX315/320/415/420
  Xerox  2510 opc drum X-2510/2550
  Xerox  DC450 opc drum DC450/550/551
  Xerox  DC3321 opc drum DC3321
  Xerox  V230 opc drum V230/330
  Xerox  V400 opc drum V400/500/555
  Xerox  DC 186 opc drum DC-156/186/236/286
  Minolta EP6000 opc drum EP-6000/6001/6002
  Minolta bizhub 600 opc drum Bizhub 600/750
  Minolta bizhub 420 opc drum Bizhub 420/500
  Minolta bizhub c350 opc drum Bizhub Color C350
  Minolta bizhub c250 opc drum Bizhub Color C250/252 300/352
  Minolta DI  750 opc drum Di750/850
  Minolta DI  551 opc drum Di551/650
  Minolta DI  520 opc drum Di520/620
  Minolta DI 450  opc drum Di450/470/550
  Minolta 1054 opc drum EP-1050/1080/1052/1083/2010/1054/1085/2030
  Minolta  106 opc drum KONICA MINOLTA DI152/183/1611/2011
  Minolta  250 opc drum MINOLTA 350/250/Di251/351/Di2510/3510
  Sharp 2027 opc drum SF-2022/2027
  Sharp 550 opc drum ARM550/620/700
  Sharp 505 opc drum AR501/505
  Sharp 250 opc drum AR250/280/281/336
  Sharp 256 opc drum ARM256/258/316/318
  Sharp 100 opc drum Sharp AL-1000/1010/1041/1200/1220/1240/1521
  Sharp 200 opc drum Sharp AL-1600/2000, AR-160/161/200
  Sharp 270 opc drum Sharp AL-270/271/275/ARM208/235/270/275 ARM236/237/276/277
  Sharp 450 opc drum Sharp AR-350/450
  WE supply OPC drum for hp,canon,samsung,xerox etc printer, compatible,green and original color.
  And we also supply OPC drum for canon, ricoh, minolta, xerox,sharp, toshiba,panasonic copier OPC

Drum. all compatible. We supply original kyocera opc drum.